La Cerqua – Agriturismo in Umbria

Bio Agriturismo La Cerqua
Voc. San Salvatore 27
06026 Pietralunga (PG)
Umbria Italia

Hospitality on the Farm

Hospitality on the Farm

La Balucca farmhouse

Balucca 0The users of the teaching activities can lodge in the old typical Umbrian farmhouse La Balucca, by the Col Prejano archaeological area, 600 m. far from the main house La Cerqua.  Guest accommodation La Balucca comprises a total of  9 rooms, each named after a local shrub. All the rooms have private bathroom, central heating, latex mattresses and energy-saving lamps. The clubhouse is well equipped. Downstairs the farm-restaurant and the farm-shop offer the organic products prepared in the laboratories behind: jams, liqueurs and precious truffles.  With its riding-ground, its small football field and 2 open-air labs: the Animals Garden and the Wizard’s Garden, it is the ideal place for active holidays in nature.


First floor

Camera GINESTRA – (Spartjium Junceum)

FotoCameraGinestraginestra The Broom, a shrub sacred to the Sun, is like a vegetable sun light.
The sun rays, captured by the large windows overlooking the Carpina Valley, throw a bright YELLOW light on the Broom room furniture.

25 s.m. – 3 beds


Camera GINEPRO – (Juniperus communis)

FotoCameraGineproginepro The Juniper, the Christmas shrub, is the vegetable symbol of humility.
The Juniper room simple furniture and its BLUE linen match pleasantly and give it a touch of humble elegance.

22 s.m. – 3 beds


Camera NOCCIOLO (Corylus avellanae)

FotoCameraCiliegioNocciolonocciolo The Hazel, sacred to the god Mercury, is the tree of magic.
The Hazel room, with its stone walls and its direct way out to the garden, recalls an atmosphere of magic wellbeing.

22 s.m. – 2 beds


Second Floor

Camera PRUGNOLO – (Prunus spinosa)

FotoCameraPrugnoloprugnolo The Wild Plum, with its white flowers and its purple-blue fruits, is the vegetable symbol of youth.
The contrast between the WHITE walls and the PLUM-COLOURED furniture makes the Wild Plum room a place where old atmospheres and young feelings live together.

30 s.m. – 4 beds


Camera VISCHIO – (Lorranthus europaeus)

FotoCameraVischiovischioThe Mistletoe, golden  branch and vegetable materialization of the heavenly thunder, is the druids sacred plant.
In the Mistletoe room, the contrast between the dark of the old tobacco drier beams and the LIGHT BLUE of its furniture gives it an almost sacred elegance.

25 s.m. – 3 beds


Camera SAMBUCO – (Sambucus niger)

FotoCameraSambucosambucoThe Elder, the fairy little tree, produces the timber to make magic flutes.
In the Elder room, the small fireplace golden reflections on the GREEN furniture creates an atmosphere of magic musicality.

17 s.m. – 2 beds


Camera CORNIOLO – (Cornus mas) – 3 posti letto

FotoCameraCorniolocornioloThe Cornel is the sacred shrub to the god Apollo, who is greedy of its scarlet red fruits.
In the Cornel room,  the completely wooden ceiling frames the RED furniture burning like fire under the light of a small window.

22 s.m. – 3 beds


Camera ROSA – (Rosa canina)

rosaThe Wild Rose, sacred to Venus, is the vegetable symbol of poetry.
The memory of the small writing-table between the two sunny windows will inspire a feeling of poetic nostalgia on the guest, orphan of the nice warmth of the Wild Rose room

21 s.m. – 3 beds


Camera BIANCOSPINO – (Crataegus oxychanta)

FotoCameraBiancospinoThe Hawthorn is the shrub sacred to Cardea, the goddess of the wind and of the door hinges.
The creaking of the doors moved by the breath of  wind passing through the several panoramic windows, doesn’t trouble the PASTEL COLOURS atmosphere of the Hawthorn room.

26 s.m. – 4 beds