La Cerqua – Agriturismo in Umbria

Bio Agriturismo La Cerqua
Voc. San Salvatore 27
06026 Pietralunga (PG)
Umbria Italia

Life in Nature

Life in Nature

The Nature Walks

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Several  short tracks are marked (blue and white signs) inside the farm: the relative map is available at the Reception. These tracks are connected to the longer ones in the Forest of Pietralunga (red and white signs): marvelous loop trails to go throw either on foot (the map and a guidebook available in the Reception) or on horseback (a guide cab be required from the Riding Centre in the farm).



The Horse-riding


The Valle del Carpina Horse-riding Centre, connected to C.N.S. FIAMMA, is available inside the farm, close to La Balucca farmhouse.
Fabio, farrier and horse-riding guide, helped by the 10 tractable horses of the farm, let guests experiment horse-riding joys  and … sorrows!
Guests can attend a short briefing in the riding-ground and then face an unforgettable excursion in the forest along the marked path of the IPPOVIA Umbra.



 The swimming pool

piscina 0Close to the main house, the sunny and suggestive acorn-shaped swimming pool is composed of  a larger basin for adults (10 m long, 5 m large, 1,4 m deep) and a smaller round one for children (3,5 m diameter, 0,5 m deep); the green is strewn with iron-made furniture, while from the nearby wood the stone barbecue spreads a scent of  roasted meat all around.



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The time Guests are not busy to contemplate the silent valley in the sunny and suggestive pool or to taste the genuine flavor of country cooking, they can play different and funny open-air sports

  • archery, in a nice oak wood strewn with mobile and pointing targets; bows and arrows  are available (free) in the farm;
  • football, in the small, green ground close to La Balucca, where bloody derbies are played by the guests of the two different houses;
  • mountain-bike trails, for guests used to cycle up and down along rambling paths; the bikes, rented by the Carpina Valley Association, can be booked directly in the farm.


For Children

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Men’s pups are always welcome in the farm.
They find here the best they can desire, neither baby-sitters, nor game rooms or animation,  simply different treasures: freedom (running around, cutting capers, wallowing in the mud)  and friends (with 2 or 4 legs; with wings; with horns; white, black, painted …).
Easy to love, impossible to forget!