La Cerqua – Agriturismo in Umbria

Bio Agriturismo La Cerqua
Voc. San Salvatore 27
06026 Pietralunga (PG)
Umbria Italia

Hospitality in Nature

Hospitality in Nature

The main house La Cerqua (San Salvatore former monastery). 

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Case San Salvatore, a recently restored XIV century farmhouse, once believed to have been a monastery, is situated 3 km. far from the village of Pietralunga, in the Carpina Valley. Guest accommodation comprises a total of  20 beds in 6 rooms and in 2 suites, each named after a different local tree. All the rooms have private bathroom, central heating (some with open fireplace),  TV, internet and a panoramic view.
Downstairs there is a farm-restaurant and a clubhouse with: TV and music saloons, and a reading saloon with a small library. With its Bio Cafè with a veranda, its small acorn-shape swimming pool and its barbecue area, it is the ideal place for relaxing holidays in nature.

First floor

Camera OLMO – (Ulmus glabra)

FotoCameraOlmoolmo The Elm, sacred to the winged god Morpheus, one of the one thousand sons of Sleep, is the tree of dreams.
The Elm room, with its simple furniture and a large panoramic window on the Carpina Valley, helps you to sleep easy and to have sweet dreams.

28 s.m. – 2/3 beds

Suite ACERO CAMPESTRE – (Acer campestre)

acero-campestre The Field Maple is the most appreciated tree for making precious musical instruments.
In the Field Maple suite everything sounds with the melodious notes of olden times: the antique  fireplace, the sink transformed into a writing-desk, the oven for bread in the nice little veranda.

42 s.m.  – 3 beds

Camera ROVERELLA – (Quercus pubescens)

roverella The Downy Oak, a thousand years old enormous tree, where pretty nymphs live, gathering clouds with its foliage, let the fertilizing rain fall down.
From the dark and quiet Downy Oak room you can hear the light tinkling noise of the rain that dies away on the water of the acorn-shape pool; lying back on the wrought iron bed, your imagination will then suggest you a joyful multitude of water nymphs.

32 s.m.  – 3 beds

Camera ORNIELLO (Fraxinus ornus)


orniello  The Flowering Ash, sacred to the god Neptune, is the tree of honey and sources.
In the Flowering Ash room, sweet and crystalline sensations, clear like a spring water, flow from everywhere: from the lacunar ceiling, the floor marks, the large and sunny windows.

28 s.m.  – 2 beds

Camera CARPINO (Ostrya carpinifolia)


carpino In the Middle Ages the Hop Hornbeam, with is oval leaves where well marked nervatures make a precise drawing, was the miniaturists favorite tree.
The Hop Hornbeam room, with its old sink, its niches on the stone wall, its panoramic windows on the Carpina Valley, is a joyful hymn to the ancient grace and beauty.

28 s.m.  – 2 beds

Second floor

Camera ACERO NAPOLETANO – (Acer obtusatum)


acero-napoletanoThe Italian Maple, whose leaves in autumn  change into red, is the tree sacred to the god of Fear.
In the Italian Maple room, the wooden beams, the stone dormer, the old chest and the small windows keep an invincible fear: that the holiday here will be always too short.

29 s.m.  – 3 beds

Camera SORBO – (Sorbus torminalis)

FotoCameraSorbosorboThe Wild Service Tree, whose thin foliage allows sun rays to reach easily the ground underneath, is the symbol of light renaissance after the darkness of the winter.
In the Wild Service Tree room, blades of light filter through the falcon nest pipe-hole on the stone wall and light up the traditional caisson beds thus assuring guest renaissance after the darkness of a metropolitan life.

28 s.m.  – 3 beds

Suite CERRO – (Quercus cerris) – 2 posti letto


ceroo The Turkey Oak, sacred to Grabovio, the god of Umbri, is the tree of thunder and lightning.
In the Turkey Oak suite, from the old armchair beside the niche on the wall, the flames, crackling in the small fireplace, seem to push themselves, like curious shadows, beyond the old wild cherry wood wardrobe to reach the carved wooden table.

32 s.m.  – 2 beds

The Old Barn

VECCHIO FIENILEA typical red house: the perforated bricks let the air circulate for keeping the hay; today, they contain two Studio-Apartments, surrounded by a little garden, under the shadow of an old maple.
The ideal place for a self-run holiday in nature.

Monolocale VETRICA – (Salix alba)

Scritta_vetrica_perstanzaA typical red house: the perforated bricks let the air circulate for keeping the hay; today, they contain two Studio-Apartments, surrounded by a little garden, under the shadow of an old maple.
The ideal place for a self-run holiday in nature.

28 s.m.  – 2 beds

Monolocale ALBERONE – (Populus nigra) – 3/5 posti letto


The Black Poplar is the Earth Mother sacred tree where the Eliadi nymphs, daughters of the Sun, live.
In the Black Poplar studio-apartment, the world is turned upside down: the living room is in the lower area, connected to the Earth, while the sleeping area is projected towards the sun on a typical wrought iron and wooden intermediate floor.

42 s.m.  – 3/5 beds

La Balucca Farmhouse

Appartamento CILIEGIO

FotoCameraCiliegioNocciolonocciolo600 m.  far from the main house, in the middle of the farm, the apartment CILIEGIO  is the ideal place for a self-run holiday in the countryside. An independent whole wing of the typical farmhouse Balucca composed of a large kitchen, one or two rooms (with its own bathroom each), TV, internet, private garden and parking

70 s.m.  – 3/5 beds