La Cerqua – Agriturismo in Umbria

Bio Agriturismo La Cerqua
Voc. San Salvatore 27
06026 Pietralunga (PG)
Umbria Italia



Organic farming

Planimetria-campicoltivati (1)The 75 acres crops are grown according to the ORGANIC FARMING methods: surface ploughing, organic dunging and rotation; the cereals (wheat, barley, oat and spelt) are alternated with sunflowers, potatoes and forage (alfalfa, clover and beans).logo_icea
The fruits of our trees and shrubs are being used in the farm lab for jam and liqueurs: Visner (with wild cherries), Fa.G.iN (with beech leaves and juniper berries), Scafurnicchio (with wild rose berries) and Nocino di San Giovanni (with green walnuts).
Most of the products (ICEA certificated) are being used in the farm or sold in the farm-shop.

Organic livestock


On the about 75 acres meadows, 10 horses and 25 sheep stay wild along several months; the only one herb cut occurs in Spring, while the animals stay in the Col Preiano stables. Sheep products are wool and lambs, whilst the horses are being used for horse riding.
Also pigs go around and around oak woods, looking for acorns, while ducks and geese swim happily in a small sunny pond.

Natural forestry


The Oak, Maple and Ash 150 acres wood management (50 acres forest trees and 90 acres coppices) is based on NATURAL FORESTRY, according to the criteria developed for the Apennine by PRO SILVA ITALIA. Most of the wood is being used in the farmhouse’s open fireplaces.PROSILVAITALIA
The Farm also includes a small Pine wood and a 10 acres reforestation area with white truffle symbiotic trees.

Green energy

Since 2011, La Cerqua produces its own GREEN ENERGY with 2 solar PV systems grid connected:

  • a 20 KW solar array in a hidden farm corner
  • a 10 KW PV system on the barn roof )